Foreign Correspondent

A Mother's Tearful Reunion | Road to Reunion (Clip)

A U.S. immigration policy was widely condemned as cruel and inhumane, but before the U.S. courts struck it down, it tore over 5,000 children from their parents' arms. Four years later, some families are only now finding each other again. In a world TV exclusive, "Foreign Correspondent" reports on the fallout from the brutal policy and the journey of one mother seeking to reunite with her children.

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Foreign Correspondent

Life in the Time of Corona

Patients, young and old, are dying. To control the outbreak, Italy is in lockdown but is it too little too late?
Devi sits with her mother.
Foreign Correspondent

Paper Orphans

Traffickers, Western donors and families desperate to educate their children. In Nepal, this dangerous mix has created a trade in fake orphans. Sally Sara treks into the Himalayas as a group of trafficked children returns home.
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