Still from "Mongolia: Between Tradition and Globalization." | DW
S1 E1: Mongolia: Between Tradition and Globalization

Mongolia: Between Tradition and Globalization

"Founders Valley" follows German entrepreneur Fridtjof Detzner to Mongolia, a country undergoing rapid transformation. His search for visionary ideas leads him to inspiring founders hoping to profit from global markets and make their dreams come true.

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Technology – Promise Or Peril?

The electronics manufacturing sector made Taiwan rich. Young founders are now taking it to the next level with software engineering. German entrepreneur Fridtjof Detzner meets them to hear more about the positive and negative impacts of technology.

Energize The World

Founders in Malaysia are stepping up to the plate. German entrepreneur Fridtjof Detzner talks to them about the increasing demand for energy and their drive to find alternatives. The vision: to secure the planet's energy supply.

Horizons of Health

What is the future of medicine? Will we soon grow replacement organs in the lab? Will only the rich be able to afford such innovations? On the lookout for visionary answers, German startup founder Fridtjof Detzner meets entrepreneurs in Singapore.

Bricks & Bytes

This episode of Founders’ Valley takes Fridtjof Detzner to Bangladesh. In one of the world’s poorest countries, the German entrepreneur encounters brutal working conditions and meets optimistic founders seeking to move their country forward.