Rahaf Al Qunun | "Four Corners" episode "Escape from Saudi"

Orphans of ISIS Preview

The story of the Sharrouf children and their grandmother's epic fight to find them and bring them home to Australia.

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Guilty: The Conviction of Cardinal Pell

"Four Corners" reveals how Australia's highest ranking Catholic, Cardinal George Pell, was brought to justice.

I Am That Girl

Saxon Mullins talks about the events of a night in Kings Cross that would change her life forever. Her case put sexual consent on trial.

This episode of "Four Corners" contains graphic descriptions of sexual assault which may disturb some viewers. Viewer discretion is advised.

  • 2020-12-05T20:15:00-08:00
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The Truth About 5g

Four Corners investigates the rise of the anti-5G movement and the spread of wild conspiracy theories tying the COVID-19 pandemic to the 5G rollout.

I Can't Breathe

In this deeply personal story, special guest reporter Stan Grant gives voice to the frustration and hurt that has defined the life experience of so many Indigenous Australians and explores why the death of George Floyd resonates so profoundly.

Trapped in the Volcano

Four Corners examines whether more could have been done to prevent the White Island volcano tragedy, that left many dead and others with lifelong traumatic injuries.

Saving The Amazon

Four Corners takes you on an epic journey to the frontlines of the fight to preserve the world's largest tropical rainforest.