Graphically Stunning Animation Captures the Beauty of Decay

In exploring vague childhood memories, this narrative depicts a moment of being hit by a thorny branch.

Originally a video installation, the video "El Accidente de las Espinas: Bosque" was projected on two walls of a half-lit room, creating the illusion of the figures appearing throughout the walls, inhabiting a space that is not limited by a screen. (See how it was displayed at YONO gallery in Santiago, Chile.) The animation was drawn on paper, scanned, and painted digitally at 12 frames per second. The music was composed by Joh Dieterich, guitar player from the band Deerhoof.

Based in Santiago, Chile, Marcos Sanchez is a visual artist and filmmaker, whose work revolves around drawing, video, and sculpture. As a filmmaker he has directed short films and various television episodes.


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