Cultural Stories that Spur Change

Who doesn’t love a great story? So much can be learned, felt and expressed through storytelling. But, most importantly, stories can foster better understanding across cultural and social lines. This week on Full Frame, conversations with cultural storytellers who are spurring change.

When you bring up Eddie Huang’s name, a few things come to mind: chef, hip hop fan, T.V. host, rebel and storyteller.

Huang is the Taiwanese-Chinese American author who wrote, Fresh Off the Boat, a best-selling memoir, that inspired the hit American T.V. sitcom of the same name. It’s all about Huang’s life growing up as a young boy struggling to fit in in suburban Florida.

In the last few years, Huang has connected even more deeply with his Chinese culture and has chronicled the journey in his latest book, Double Cup Love: On the Trail of Family, Food and Broken Hearts in China.

Eddie Huang joins May Lee in the Los Angeles studio to talk about his new book.


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