Simple Ideas

The famous Renaissance man Leonardo Da Vinci once said that “simplicity is the ultimate form of sophistication”. But could “simplicity” be used to solve major issues facing the globe like unsafe water, food shortages and a lack of basic education? On this episode, we talk with people who prove that simple ideas can foster change, make a profound impact and even save lives.

According to the World Health Organization, pneumonia and diarrhea are two of the leading causes of death among children, under the age of five, in developing countries. Yet, both can be prevented by access to simple hygiene products that most of us take for granted. Shawn Seipler is on a mission to save millions of lives using soap, while at the same time, offering programs to protect the environment. He’s the founder of the nonprofit social enterprise, Clean the World, the largest global recycler of hotel hygiene products.

The impact has been enormous. Since launching the effort in Orlando, Florida back in 2009, Clean the World has distributed more than 30 million bars of soap to children and families in 100 countries around the world. In that time, the number of deaths from these diseases has dropped by 35%.

Shawn Seipler joins May Lee in the Los Angeles studio to talk about changing the world and saving lives, one bar of soap at a time.

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