Hollywood Minority Report

It’s the talk of Hollywood, but it’s not about the latest blockbuster. Whitewashing is happening in Tinseltown and minority actors say they’re tired of being overlooked for major roles. They say there’s also an ongoing problem of Caucasian actors landing rolls, in the film industry, originally intended for minorities. This week on Full Frame, how racial stereotypes are portrayed in media and what’s being done to break the cycle, featuring Jason Scott Lee, a Chinese-American actor who’s perhaps best known for his breakout performance in the biopic "Dragon: The Bruce Lee Story," about the legendary Chinese-American martial artist.





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Hollywood Minority Report

It’s the talk of Hollywood, but it’s not about the latest blockbuster.

Voices for Women

Around the world, women often face gender inequality, oppression, even violence when it comes to their freedom and their rights. On this episode, we meet those who are determined to defy the odds and speak up for and in defense of women, worldwide.

Ending Global Poverty

For decades, individuals, groups, even governments have worked to end hunger around the globe. Now, the convergence of political wills, public and private partnerships and new avenues of funding mean this ambition, for the first time in human history, is truly possible. On this episode, "Full Frame" talks with those who want to see change in the world and are taking innovative and new approaches in the fight to eradicate global poverty.

Simple Ideas

The famous Renaissance man Leonardo Da Vinci once said that “simplicity is the ultimate form of sophistication”. But could “simplicity” be used to solve major issues facing the globe like unsafe water, food shortages and a lack of basic education? On this episode, we talk with people who prove that simple ideas can foster change, make a profound impact and even save lives.

Innovations in Sustainability

Sustainability is shaping trends all across the globe, from agriculture and fashion to architecture and gourmet dining. On this episode, we take a look at the tastiest, chicest and coolest innovations in sustainability.