Reinventing The Wheel (Matt Dalio)

This week, we have conversations with innovators whose new approach, to some ordinary tasks, is not only making the daily grind easier, but also making the world a better place.

In 2012, Matt Dalio founded Endless Computers, a San Francisco-based startup. He had one simple goal: provide access to affordable, personal computers to people in the developing world. Almost immediately, Endless had an impact. Even though 75% of the world currently has no access to computers, Dalio is convinced that soon, people in emerging markets, like Guatemala and Mexico, and much of Latin America, will be able to get this technology. That access will radically change people’s lives like never before. Endless Computers is reinventing the way people access technology.

From San Francisco, Matt Dalio joins Mike Walter in the New York studio to share more about his hope of bringing computers to the masses and how he’s making that a reality.

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