A man in civilian clothes looks at another man wearing an army uniform and resting a rifle in his arm. | "When Lambs Become Lions"

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A man looks out to a vast landscape of mountains and water. | From "Embrace of the Serpent" / Kino Lorber


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Rahaf Al Qunun | "Four Corners" episode "Escape from Saudi"

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Global 3000

Jobs for Refugees: A Portrait of Banker Lanna Idriss

World Refugee Day was established to commemorate people who have had to flee their homes. According to the United Nations, at no point since the end of World War II have there been as many refugees as there are now.

In this segment, "Global 3000" profiles Lanna Idriss. She is half Syrian, and she's a mover and shaker. She's head of Compliance Process Management and Outsourcing at the BHF Bank in Frankfurt. A year ago, she reduced her working hours to be able to look after her own non-profit company. Gyalpa provides employment and future prospects to Syrian refugee women in countries such as Lebanon and Jordan.

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Global 3000

Impact of Oil Prices on Ghana

It's hard to believe that in South Korea, police and the military use violent means to put down peaceful demonstrations. GLOBAL 3000 shows the case of a man who was nearly killed by water cannon there. Plus: a look at Ghana, where the low price of oil has discouraged job creation.
Global 3000

Legal Highs

It was once a declared goal of the United Nations to ensure the world is drug-free by 2008. But the war against drugs has failed. The business in illegal drugs is lucrative, with global trade currently worth more than 380 billion Euros a year. Then there is the complex fight against so-called "legal highs", that can be ordered easily online and delivered to your door.
Global 3000

South Africa's Iron Ore Crisis

The once seemingly insatiable demand for raw materials turned many unremarkable towns into flourishing industrial centers. The town of Kathu in South Africa is one example. During the 1970s, it rose to become one of the iron ore capitals of South Africa. But iron ore prices have dropped drastically in recent years. In December, they reached their lowest level since the financial crisis. While the residents of Kathu once benefited from huge profits, today they are fearing for their jobs.
Global 3000

Darwin's Frog Threatened by Skin Fungus

A skin fungus dries out until the hearts of Darwin's frogs until they cease to beat.
Global 3000

Gender Parity Goals

"Global 3000" takes a look at the situation of women around the world.
Global 3000

Peaceful Resistance Against Islamic State

The group Raqqa Is Being Slaughtered Silently documents the horrors of life for the people subjected to the Islamic State's rule.
Global 3000

Police Violence in Chicago

Also: protecting Caribbean lobster in Mexico; baby brain training in Singapore; and refugee children forced to work.
Global 3000

Poverty Healthcare: Mobile Clinics in the U.S.

Global 3000 is Deutsche Welle's weekly magazine that explores the intersection of global development and the environmental and social conditions of the diverse cultures of the world. In each program, host Michaela Kufner presents three to four video-rich segments that profile a different part of the planet where man's quest for economic and industrial strength is jeopardizing the ecosystems and the social and economic structures of people thousands of miles away. The program not only documents where those struggles are taking place - but how some groups and individuals are finding solutions to the growing problems of global development.
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