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Police Violence in Chicago

Police violence in Chicago

The rate of young black men killed by police in the US is five times that of young white men. Never have as many died as in 2015. About 25 percent of the African Americans killed were unarmed. David Bates from Chicago's South Side was 18 years old when police accused him of being involved in a drug deal. The police used violence to force him to make a confession. He was unjustly sentenced to prison and not released until eleven years later.

Threatened delicacy: Protecting Caribbean Lobster in Mexico

Caribbean lobster are considered a delicacy the world over. But few restaurant customers know that these animals are vital to the ecosystem in the coral reefs and are often caught using environmentally damaging methods. Biologist Kim Ley-Cooper wants to change that. He's teaching fishermen in Mexico to catch lobster sustainably. At the same time he's collecting scientific data on the reefs.


Singapore: Brain training for babies

East Asian families are spending more and more money to raise and educate their children. Not only in rich countries such as South Korea, but also in China, many even sell their homes to fund university studies abroad for their children. But it can be even more radical: in Singapore six-month-old babies go to brain training. Well, they probably need a hand getting there.


Lebanon: More and more refugee children have to work

At least 700,000 Syrian refugee children are said not to attend school. Turkey, Jordan and Lebanon face the same issue. There are more than enough reasons for that: too few schools and teachers, lack of basic education, language difficulties and inability to pay school fees. In addition the children have to help earn money for their families' survival.

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Global 3000

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Global 3000

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