Sraddhalu Ranade at a beach sunset

Zikr and Divine Ecstasy

The sheikh opens the zikr, holds the zikr, and closes the zikr. Without the sheikh, there is no zikr.

SHERIF BABA: Zikr is the act of “remembrance,” remembering the beauty of the Creator, Allah. Zikr is part of the foundation of all mystical practices in Judaism, Christianity, Islam and other faiths. The communal zikr offers the promise of spiritual purification and bringing people closer to the Divine.

Zikr is about remembering and appreciating God’s blessings. The true state of zikr is remembering God with every breath one takes. This divine ecstasy is something that cannot be studied or learned. It is something that is given as a grace and present from Allah.

ANDREW: The zikr fuels the divine ecstasy, the state of oneness or union with the beloved, the creator.

TANYA: And if you are able to give yourself completely, to empty yourself completely, the energy from the zikr will move you. And it creates a sense of no separation, between those who are engaging in the zikr, and the whirling dervishes, and the musicians, and the air that we’re breathing, and the room that we’re in and the planet that we’re on. You realize that there’s no separation between any of us, there’s unity.


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