grand hotel
S1 E7: The Stolen Letter

The Stolen Letter

Season 1 Episode 7

Julio learns that his sister's disappearance was due to a letter powerful enough to shatter the Grand Hotel. Incredulous of Julio's suspicions about the letter, Alicia threatens to go to Ayala's.

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The Fingerprint

Season 1 Episode 9

Julio returns to the hotel to take revenge while trying to persuade Alicia not to marry Diego. Detective Ayala uses fingerprints from the murder weapon to identify the killer and the infamous letter falls into Belén's hands like a godsend.

Lights and Shadows

Alicia and Diego return from their honeymoon. Julio asks for Alicia's help to find out who tried to electrocute Andres. Javier gets into trouble again and Belen goes into labor. Sofia's secret is in danger of being out.

A Cry in the Night

Andres and Belen hide a secret with terrible consequences. Diego finally lays hands on the letter that can change everyone's lives. Alicia and Julio resume their friendship amid difficult circumstances.

The Secret

Alfredo receives bad news from his family. Javier accidentally infest the meal. Julio helps Alicia to uncover the truth about his father's last day.