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A man looks out to a vast landscape of mountains and water. | From "Embrace of the Serpent" / Kino Lorber


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Rahaf Al Qunun | "Four Corners" episode "Escape from Saudi"
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Hot Cities

Feed The World

Half the world’s population face severe food shortages by the end of the century as climate change takes its toll on the global harvest. In some countries riots have broken out in protest at the lack of food. Senegal is one of them, a country where the one of the government’s biggest challenges is making sure there is enough food to go round. Drought in the Sahal region, which runs through Senegal, means many climate migrants are flocking to the capital, Dakar, to find work to feed their families. “Hot Cities” follows migrants from their villages, where farming has almost been wiped out, to the city. This film also investigates what scientists and researchers are doing to feed Senegal in the future.

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Hot Cities

E7: Counting The Cost

China has the biggest population, fastest growing economy, and is also the worst polluter on the planet.
Hot Cities

E6: Surviving The Storm

“Hot Cities” goes to Cuba to explore the country's effective early hurricane warning system.
Andes Mountains
Hot Cities

E4: Meltdown!

One of the driest cities in the world, Lima, Peru relies heavily on water from glacial melt.
Hot Cities: Paris
Hot Cities

E3: Climate Bites

“Hot Cities” visits Jakarta, Paris, and Chicago to see how they are coping with the deadly effects of climate change.
Hot Cities: Dhaka, Bangladesh
Hot Cities

E2: Water, Water Everywhere…

Refugees are flooding into Dhaka, Bangladesh to flee the cyclones, coastal surges, overflowing rivers, and violent downpours throughout the country.
Hot Cities: Bursting at the Seams
Hot Cities

E1: Bursting at the Seams

"Hot Cities" begins in Lagos, one of the toughest and the fastest growing mega cities in the world – and it's already suffering the economic and social upheavals of climate change.
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