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In a first of its kind, veteran war correspondents Stuart Ramsay and Alex Crawford take viewers behind the scenes of reporting on stories in the world's most dangerous areas.

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Mosul / Rohingya Refugees

Stuart Ramsey and his team traveled to the Iraqi city of Mosul during the bloody battle with IS, a battle that lasted for nine month.

Mark Stone covers the Catalonia independence referendum in Barcelona.

Alex Crawford’s team makes a dangerous night-time boat journey from Bangladesh into Myanmar, to find Rohingya refugees in large numbers stranded on the shore, with no way to get across to Bangladesh and safety.

Acapulco / Democratic Republic of Congo

Stuart Ramsay travels to Mexico, where newly released figures indicate 2017 has been the deadliest year in the country's history. Alex Crawford and her team goes looking for child miners in the Democratic Republic of Congo.

Namibia / Zimbabwe

Alex Crawford goes on the trail with an American trophy hunter who has paid tens of thousands of dollars to shoot an elephant in Namibia, and Stuart Ramsey reports from Zimbabwe.

Islamic State / Liberia

Stuart Ramsay uncovers documents that unmask thousands of Islamic State recruits, including British terrorists, and Alex Crawford reports from Liberia during the ebola epidemic.


Veteran correspondents Stuart Ramsay and Alex Crawford take you behind the scenes of a brutal African conflict, Russia's expansion into Europe and refugees caught fleeing to a better life.