Portrait of Jurriaan Kamp, host of "Kamp Solutions."

Mark Hyman

Mark Hyman, physician, talks with Jurriaan Kamp about food as medicine and the first tool to create health and protection

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Andrea Jung

Andrea Jung, CEO of Grameen America, tells Jurriaan Kamp that everyone can make their own work and generate their own income

  • 2020-10-20T00:00:00-07:00
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Alberto Villoldo

Alberto Villoldo, medical anthropologist, talks with Jurriaan Kamp about what ancient wisdom tells us about our health today

Abigail Disney

Abigail Disney, filmmaker and Disney heiress, talks with Jurriaan Kamp about the deep inequality that disturbs harmony and peace in society

Ruediger Dahlke

Ruediger Dahlke, physician, tells Jurriaan Kamp that fighting disease can never lead to lasting health and harmony

Richard Wilkinson

Richard Wilkinson, social epidemiologist, tells Jurriaan Kamp that more equality in society is cheaper and healthier and also leads to a cleaner planet

  • 2020-11-14T05:30:00-08:00
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