Anthony Loewenstein

Antony Loewenstein and M. Jacqui Alexander

Six years ago this week, Haiti was hit by a devastating earthquake. Billions of dollars in aid were pledged, but little made it to the people in need. Why did that happen? To find the answers to that question and more, Flanders speaks with Anthony Loewenstein about disaster capitalism, and M. Jacqui Alexander discusses anti-colonial movements.

Antony Loewenstein is an Australian independent freelance journalist, author, documentarian, and blogger. Among his books are "My Israel Question," "The Blogging Revolution," and "Profits of Doom." His newest book is "Disaster Capitalism: Making A Killing Out Of Catastrophe."

M. Jacqui Alexander is a writer, teacher, creator, and founding director of the Tobago Center for the Study and Practice of Indigenous Spirituality.

Also, the episode includes a segment on truth in labeling and the Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions Movement.

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