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Divesting Is The First Step: Daniel Zarrilli & Clara Vondrich

Episode 187

Power politics and the politics of power — this time on the show, we speak with New York City’s Chief Resilience Officer Daniel Zarrilli about the decision to divest from fossil fuels and Clara Vondrich of INVEST/DIVEST, one of the activist groups that helped make it happen. The show also features an interview with author and journalist Christian Parenti, who explains why he thinks extreme weather will force us to demand more of our government.

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Hujar, Wojnarowicz: Art, AIDS & Challenge of Retrospection

1980’s Art – turbulent and provocative – arose out of the AIDS epidemic. Two major art exhibits on view in New York City – one universally-acclaimed a must-see, the other overwhelmingly-anticipated:Peter Hujar: Speed of Life (Morgan, through May 20) and David Wojnarowicz: History Keeps Me Awake at Night (Whitney, July 13 – Sept 30). The artists’ lives were singular and intertwined: personal and political, formal and furious, playful and profane. What does this Art and the lives of these masterful artists have to do with the art and activism of today? The Hujar retrospective ends before the Wojnarowicz retrospective arrives. Laura Flanders and her guests bring the exhibits together in a frank and probing discussion: David Kiehl of the Whitney, Joel Smith of the Morgan, Pamela Sneed, educator, poet, performer, author, artist.
Episode 198
Laura Flanders Show

Taking Down the Confederacy — Symbol by Symbol

Mississippi Gov. Phil Bryant has proclaimed April as Confederate Heritage Month, and many are protesting. Laura speaks with actress and activist Aunjanue Ellis about her organization Take It Down America.
Episode 197
Laura Flanders Show

Bringing the Public Back to Public Art: Betty Yu, Charlotte Cohen, Amin Husain

If we all agree that arts and creativity are important ingredients of life, are we doing all we can to support the artists in our midst?
Episode 196
Laura Flanders Show

Workers, Wildcats and New Models for Labor Organizing

Laura Flanders speaks with SEIU International President, Mary Kay Henry (of Service Employees) and labor journalist Sarah Jaffe about worker wins, challenges, and some new models for organizing.
Episode 195
Laura Flanders Show

After Maria: Puerto Rican Self-Determination

What's in store for Puerto Rico's future? More disaster capitalism, or solidarity economics?
Episode 194
Laura Flanders Show

Monopoly Capitalism: At The Breaking Point?

This week, economist Michael Hudson joins us to say his predictions on the Trump budget have come true and seem to suggest, more than ever, that capitalism is not only a disservice to the people, but it's also unsuccessful.
Episode 193
Laura Flanders Show

U.S. Democrats and Europe's Left - Connecting Across Borders

This week Laura is at the Progressive Caucus Center Strategy Summit in Baltimore talking to progressive democrats and their friends about what comes next in the Trump era.
Episode 192
Laura Flanders Show

Healthcare Isn't Big Business Or Big Philanthropy - Ben Palmquist and Dr. Steffie Woolhandler

Ben Palmquist of the National Economic and Social Rights Initiative and Dr. Steffie Woolhandler from Physicians for a National Health Program unpack why the U.S. healthcare is still in crisis.
Episode 191
Laura Flanders Show

Women Lead On Screen: Helen Clark & Gaylene Preston

This week, we speak with New Zealand's former prime minister, Helen Clark and filmmaker Gaylene Preston regarding their documentary about Clark's foiled bid to become the United Nation's first female Secretary General.
Episode 190
Laura Flanders Show

Racial Literacy and Rural Solidarity: Lou Murray and Jessica Campbell

Laura Flanders speaks with two pairs of young activists about their work in favor of rural regions and racial literacy.
Episode 188
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