Pavlina Tcherneva

Fiscal Feminism with Pavlina Tcherneva

Economist and professor Pavlina R. Tcherneva says the current practice of gender-blind and race-blind fiscal policy lacks visions and helps no one. Congress, according to Tcherneva. is focusing on the wrong things. A self-ascribed feminist economist, Tcherneva says feminist fiscal policy is real, not simply ideological, and should be a central part of the American economy. We'll encourage growth, she says, by creating employment — not the opposite. And employment begins with targeting women and racial minorities as the benefactors of policy.

Pavlina R. Tcherneva is assistant professor of economics at Bard College and author of “Full Employment and Price Stability: The Macroeconomic Vision of William S. Vickrey.” Tcherneva is famously known as the author of the chart produced by Bernie Sanders on the Senate floor. The chart reiterates one of our modern truths: how post-Reagan economic growth in America multiplied growth for the 1 percent, but reduced wealth for 99 percent of Americans. 

Also in this episode: a preview of "A Place in the Middle," a film about eleven-year-old Ho'onani, who dreams of leading the all-male hula troupe at her inner-city Honolulu school. She's fortunate that her teacher understands first-hand what it's like to be “in the middle," which is the Hawaiian tradition of embracing both male and female spirit.

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