How Cities Respond To Climate Change: Ashley Dawson and Carl Anthony

This week, architect and regional planner Carl Anthony and Ashley Dawson, author of "Extreme Cities," discuss how cities must respond to disaster by centering those who are at the intersections of its worst outcomes. As the majority of humanity lives in urban areas, Anthony and Dawson explain who's most vulnerable to the impact of extreme weather events.

Also, Avery Bang of nonprofit Bridges to Prosperity discusses the Inca tradition of building footbridges for freedom. 

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Food Justice in Urban Agriculture

This week's episode is about food: from where it grows to where it goes — all of it matters to our bodies and our communities. This episode features a conversation about how farmers are creating equitable food systems inside cities, from urban agriculture to worker-owned cooperatives.

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Laura Flanders Show

10 years since the collapse of Lehman Brothers and the financial crash, one thing we've learned is that there exist in the US not just one economy, but many, as well as many kinds of economic actors. From platform cooperatives to cryptocurrency, people are building economic alternatives to climate devastation and capitalist extraction. So says Nathan Schneider, crusader for the internet of ownership and author of Everything for Everyone: the Radical Tradition That Is Shaping The Next Economy.

Laura Flanders Show

Laura Flanders Show

Laura Flanders Show