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In the wake of the 25th UN Climate Change Summit known as the Conference of Partners or COP, scientists and activists are warning that governments are failing to act as quickly as the climate crisis requires. Taking matters into their own hands, youth organizers with Extinction Rebellion have led marches, school walkouts, and hunger strikes around the world. Though digital organizing plays a major role in their movement, non-violent civil disobedience is their primary tactic. How does a new generation of climate organizers understand and employ the tactics of non-violence? And can their movement garner the public support necessary to overcome the inertia of political establishment beholden to fossil fuels? Laura speaks with student climate strikers, Ayisha Siddiqa and Giovanni Tamacas, and veteran activist Libero Della Piana for their perspectives.

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Laura Flanders Show

Days of wonder, days of rage. We're living through an information revolution as profound as any since Gutenberg and the printing press, but are we the people, the so-called "users", using the technology or is the technology using us and for what ends? How can we harness this particular transformation for good? That’s the question, and we have some answers from Data & Society fellow Chancey Fleet, Team Human's Douglas Rushkoff, and technologist, educator, and organizer Nabil Hassein.

Listening to Our Better Angels

Red, blue, rich, poor, country, city, left or right. Chances are you probably fall into one of those categories. And you may be quite happy where you are. The people of Better Angels believe there's still value in talking, and they've come up with a way of doing it that actually seems to bring people together.

Trump's Wall and the End of the American Frontier

In this episode, Laura interviews author and Yale historian Greg Grandin about his most recent book, The End of the Myth: From the Frontier to the Border Wall in the Mind of America. They explore how America's foundational myth of progress has given way to protectionism. Will opposition to the wall finally force us to reckon with the white supremacist conquest the frontier myth has always but thinly veiled? And what can we do to replace destructive myths with productive truths?

Sex, Pleasure, and Liberation: Desire in A World Transformed

Regulation, degradation, shaming, blaming - enough! Is it time for sexual liberation yet? We talk a lot about sex but not often enough about pleasure. In this episode, we try to make up for that and hear from some bloggers, activists, and educators who are practicing very positive consent.