Planning for Climate Disaster

This week on "The Laura Flanders Show," Marxist geographer David Harvey weighs in on natural and not-so-natural disasters and how we might organize our cities better to avoid them.

Also, Thanu Yakupitiyage from explains why climate justice requires that we make movements that will reverse our policies on refugees.




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Self-Governance - The Southern Movements Way

This week the "Laura Flanders Show" visits Whitakers, North Carolina, and the annual gathering of the Southern Movement Assemblies, a living experiment in popular democracy and local self-governance. 

A lot of the worst of the American experience has it roots in the U.S. south — plantation politics, monopoly capitalism, and incarceration instead of peace — but so does much of the best, from slave revolts, to abolition, to organized labor and civil rights. If the country goes as the South goes, what grassroots progressives do here matters.

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Laura Flanders Show

Can models of real sanctuary exist in a police state that still insists on broken windows policing? This week on the Laura Flanders Show, Ravi Ragbir and Sara Gozalo talk about the importance of defining and defending sanctuary cities, and give examples from The New Sanctuary Coalition of New York on its goal to push back state pressure on immigrants.

Laura Flanders Show

Laura Flanders Show

Laura Flanders Show

Laura Flanders Show