Rebuilding New Orleans

Ten years after Hurricane Katrina, this special documentary episode explores the race, class and gender outlines of the reconstruction of New Orleans. The film takes a look, from the grassroots, at systemic changes in housing, education, health care, and policing. From the role of oil companies in Louisiana’ economy and electoral politics; to the firing of the city’s teachers; the closing of Charity Hospital; artists and other cultural workers being pushed out by gentrification; and the federal oversight of the police and jail; the film asks how federal, state and city policies have affected the people of New Orleans. Among the guests: the commander of military relief operations during Katrina, Lieutenant General Russell Honore; former city council president Oliver Thomas; current city council president Jason Williams; developer Sean Cummings; activists and former public housing residents Alfred Marshall and Toya Lewis; Brice White of the Jane Place Neighborhood Sustainability Initiative; Spoken Word artist Asia Rainey; youth activist Milan Sherry; and Rosana Cruz of Race Forward.

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