Lupe Fiasco

Sarah Schulman, Lupe Fiasco and Paying for Church

In this episode, author Sarah Schulman discusses gentrification and the balance between displacement against development, and musician Lupe Fiasco talks about his tech entrepreneur program in one of New York City’s poorest neighborhoods.

Sarah Schulman is the author of seventeen books, including modern classics like the novels "Rat Bohemia" and "People in Trouble," and the nonfiction "Israel/ Palestine and the Queer International," "The Gentrification of the Mind: Witness to a Lost Imagination," and "My American History: Lesbian and Gay Life During the Reagan/Bush Years." Her newest novel, "The Cosmopolitans," is out in March. She also just starred in an award-winning experimental film "Jason and Shirley." Lupe Fiasco, aka Wasalu Muhammad Jaco, is a Grammy award-winning artist whose critically-acclaimed albums have sold hundreds of thousands of copies. He has also made headlines with his brave political statements, like criticizing President Obama for his lack of action for Palestinian human rights.

Flanders also poses the question to viewers: with so many potential destinations for public funding, why are taxpayers subsidizing church?




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