Tracing the Arc of Justice: Reverend Jacqui Lewis and Adrienne Maree Brown

As we wage love and watch resilient wildlife, this week, we mark the one-year anniversary of the 2016 election by asking two charismatic leaders how they keep their spirits brave. Reverend Dr. Jacqueline J. Lewis is senior minister at New York’s Middle Collegiate Church and a contributor to the 2017 collection "Faith and Resistance in the Age of Trump." Adrienne Maree Brown is co-editor of "Octavia's Brood: Science Fiction Stories from Social Justice Movements," and "Emergent Strategy: Shaping Change, Changing Worlds," in which she urges activists to become as open to change as nature is. 

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Monopoly Capitalism: At The Breaking Point?

“Infrastructure — we're going to start spending on infrastructure big.” said Trump days before he unveiled the 1.5 trillion dollar infrastructure budget proposed by his administration. But as economists have pointed out, Trump’s proposed budget requests only $200 billion in federal funds and in fact, slashes billions in transportation funding, billions more from water, energy — the rest of the funds, come, supposedly, from the private sector and states.

Laura Flanders Show

Rep Pramila Jayapal and Baltimore activist Dominique Stevenson discuss activism, political involvement and why leaders should consider running for office. Then Stevenson takes us on to a community farming project in Sandtown (Freddie Gray's neighborhood).

Laura Flanders Show

Social movements and party politics - inherently at odds or natural allies? This week, in his first in-depth TV appearance, Maurice Mitchell, the new National Director of the Working Families Party, joins us in studio. Laura and Maurice discuss his activist background, the WFP's national and international vision, and how the organization is tackling this midterm election year.

Laura Flanders Show

Two forms of government have dominated in the west over the last hundred years. In one big power is vested in the state, the government, in the other policy is dominated by the influence of big industry, big corporations, or big money. Well a hundred years after the Russian revolution, and ten years after the financial crash, a whole lot of people all around the world are saying “are there any alternatives?” especially as neither of those models has delivered on a promise of shared prosperity.

Laura Flanders Show