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All That Is Missing

"All That Is Missing" follows breast cancer victim, Mahnaz, now deceased, who narrates the movie, and her reflections on her life, family and the disease that afflicts so many women. This documentary by Zeinab Tabrizy was submitted to the 12th Iran Documentary Film Festival "Cinema Verite." Tabrizy has also made documentaries such as "Eight Minutes More," "The Sultans of the Streets," "Rebellion of Colors" and "A Waltz for Tehran."

*Streaming until 11/26/2021.

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Dina and her partner Scott exchange a kiss on a doorstep. | From "Dina"
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Dina, an eccentric and outspoken suburban woman, and Scott, a Walmart door greeter, navigate their evolving relationship in this unconventional love story. Both are on the autism spectrum.
Season 2021 Episode 6
Walaa looks focused during police training to join the Palestinian Security Forces. | "Link Voices: What Walaa Wants."
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What Walaa Wants

Walaa has her sights set on becoming one of the few women to join the Palestinian Security Forces. She has to fight to survive police training boot camp with her wildly rebellious spirit intact.
Episode 299
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