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Chistera - Pays Basque

Basque pelota, known as the fastest sport in the world, is similar to raquetball, but instead players use a variety of instruments to move the ball. One of those tools is the chistera, which translates to "basket to collect fruits." 

Players looking to purchase or maintain a chistera, are most likely familiar with the work of Fabrique de chisteras Gonzalez in Anglet, France. Jean-Louis and his son Peyo, are the masters of their craft and family know-how in the Basque Country. Jean-Louis walks the viewer through the 20-25-hour process of handcrafting a chistera. Watch the story of a family tradition that began more than 150 years ago, when a Basque from Saint-Pée-sur-Nivelle altered a fruit basket to create the first chistera.

Courtesy of Le Vesiaire.


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