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A Smokehouse Inspired By Food Writer Rohan Anderson's Anti-Consumerism Lifestyle

Inspired by Rohan Anderson's passion for sustainable living, Australian men's magazine Smith Journal follows the popular food blogger as he builds a log cabin smokehouse in his yard.

"For years, civilizations have been using smoking as a process to extend the life of meats and to me that just fits into my system, into my life," Anderson says.

The film shows Anderson's process, from chopping down his first tree in the forest, through him cooking and enjoying his homegrown, home-smoked, and home-cooked meal. Catching, hunting, and farming his own food is an extensive process, he admits.

"People hold fairly structured, busy, stressful lives," he says. "If you weren't so busy with work, you'd be able to grow your own food and have the time to prepare nice meals for your family."

Committed to being of service to his community of people who appreciate good food, he built a large smokehouse to accommodate his friends. In addition to building a food community, Anderson has been on a journey of reduction in which he has transformed his consumer behavior to minimize his use of natural resources and maximize his impact on biodiversity. 

"If people cared a little bit more about where their food came from, we'd have healthier people and a healthier environment too," Anderson says.

Courtesy of Commoner Films.

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