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Fields of Color: A Family Tradition of Dying and Printing on Textiles

Born to the fourth generation of a family of dyers and printers in India, Vijendra Chhipa continues his family's age-old tradition. There are 250 textile printing families in the village of Bagru, where generations of textile makers have retained the integrity of their craft. Chhipa works with 16 of them. Through his company Bagru Textiles, he works to improve his village's social and financial situation.

Chhipa says people don't get paid well for their hard work in this industry, in which exporters earn the majority of the profit. To balance this, Chhipa adds images of artisan samples on his website and when the design is ordered, he forwards the order to the original textile maker. This increases their wage by 50 percent above the local rate. 

Watch his story on "Fields of Color," a film by 

Faye Adams/ Freunde von Freunden.

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