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Ringwould Dairy's Success Lies In Raising Healthy and Happy Goats

This small dairy in Western Australia is a portrait of the many sustainable institutions emerging in this region. Ringwould Dairy's sought-after cheeses are deceptively simple to make — start with healthy goats, says owner Augusta Saunders. "You can't expect your animals to give you their very best unless you give them your best," she says.

Her son John and his wife Toni-Louise raise their goats on chamomile and rose hip tea. This produces exceptional goat's milk, the key ingredient in their products. "The thing that's very important to me about making cheese is health," says Toni-Louise. "That's why I'm a farmer and why we do everything we do, because we don't like to use preservatives or any additives."

Courtesy of Commoner Films

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