Making of Japanese Handmade Paper of Kyoto Kurotani

黒谷和紙 ー Making of Japanese Handmade Paper of Kyoto Kurotani

Kurotani Washi has a history dating back 800 years and is said to have its origins as a way for the defeated soldiers of the Heike Clan hiding from their pursuers in the mountains to make a living. Since then, the village of Kurotani has been recognized as the home of traditional hand-made paper, an art that touched the majority of the villagers.  While the paper industry across Japan has changed dramatically over the years from Japanese paper to western paper, hand-made processes to automated processes, Kurotani Washi has remained true to its hand-made heritage, preserving a craft from old Japan. 

Learn more about Kurotani Washi here.

Courtesy of Kuroyanagi Takashi.


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