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MRK Crew x Dope Magazine - 'Burn the Wall'

It was 2008 in Santiago, Chile when Cert and Wason decided to build the crew of MRK after painting together for some time. With common ideas and styles based on the letters and characters influenced from comics, they began to draw on the wall as a group, always working on how to improve teamwork.

Over time, CNIS joined the crew bringing a new air with respect to more characters and letters to the productions, then they began to work with HW Crew, resulting from this binding of MRK. This group of friends actually stands out for their versatility and ability to adapt on the wall.

Edit and cut: Ignacio Torrejón
Shot: Luciano Ancán, Ignacio Torrejón
Music: Bassnectar - "Boombox"
Thanks: Daking, Ironlak, Garabatoz, MRK Crew


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