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Election Special: BBC Reporters Board Trans-Siberian Railway to Talk to Russians About Trump

Part of our analysis on how the world views the 2016 U.S. presidential election. Watch the full episode here.

BBC Pop Up traveled across Russia via the Trans-Siberian Railway and asked fellow passengers about what they thought about the U.S. presidential election. Hear their opinions, including their thoughts about Republican nominee Donald Trump, on the 9,822-kilometer trek from Moscow to Vladivostock.

Video by Matt Danzico.

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Young Women Rising: Could Empowering Girls Transform the World?

Around the world, local organizations are finding creative ways to empower young women. There’s a growing consensus that educating and supporting young women creates a positive ripple effect and lifts up entire countries. In the Democratic Republic of Congo, "Hero Women Rising" combines social media and grassroots activism to overcome poverty, war and patriarchal traditions. In Dallas, Texas, where the high school pregnancy rate is 50 percent above the U.S.

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Water for Life: Is Safe Water a Human Right?

In many places around the world, affordable clean water is not available for drinking and everyday tasks, making safe sanitation during the pandemic impossible. In the crowded, economically unstable neighborhoods of Mumbai, India, a right-to-water campaign is having success in getting thousands of tap water connections into informal dwellings. In West Virginia, coal and fracking industries’ political stranglehold has mobilized neighborhood groups to fight back, protecting their streams and groundwater from toxic waste.