Dozens of migrants hopping onto the back of a truck. | Still from Global Mosaic

GQ: The Bling Dynasty Part 3 - What’s a $1B Austrian Village Doing in China?

Haltstatt 2 is an alpine Austrian village…in southern China. The nearly $1 billion complex is a replica of the original Halstatt and was built to attract rich residents. But upon completion, no one moved in and now it’s used as a tourist attraction.


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The China Dream

In 2012, the General Secretary of China, Xi Jinping, announced what would become the hallmark of his administration: The China Dream, described as the "national rejuvenation, improvement of people’s livelihoods, prosperity, construction of a better society and a strengthened military.” This first episode of "Mosaic" explores the reality of that dream from many perspectives — young and old Chinese, living in cities, the countryside and abroad.

  • 2020-09-09T11:30:00-07:00
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