Russian dolls of Vladimir Putin and Donald Trump

Sanctions and Lots of Love for Trump: How Russia Is Covering The U.S. Election

In the "U.S. Election" episode of "Mosaic," we look at how broadcasters around the world are covering the 2016 U.S. presidential election.

With the U.S. and Russia having more than 3,000 nuclear war heads aimed at each other, being at odds in the Syrian conflict, Russia objecting to NATO, Russians hacking U.S. institutions, and the U.S. maintaining sanctions on Russia over Ukraine, it's no surprise that Russia has received a lot of attention during the campaign. Russian media has criticized Hillary Clinton and has been doing so since Vladimir Putin said then-Secretary of State Clinton meddled in Russia's 2013 election. Overall coverage of the election, and public opinion, has been favoring Donald Trump.

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