Harriet Hayes is a bread baker with Bub and Grandma’s, a wholesale artisanal bread bakery in Silver Lake.

Harriet: Baker

A baker at Bub and Grandma’s, Harriet’s starts her day at 3 a.m. with a solitary run to clear her mind. At the bakery, she works alongside others, and while it’s hectic, she enjoys the communal nature of the work. Learn how Harriet’s work shift schedule enables her to spend time with her family, especially her son, a middle schooler who was diagnosed as a high-functioning autistic.

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While most of us are sleeping, nearly 15 million Americans are heading off to work. Experience the hidden human side of the 24-hour economy through the eyes of five night-shift workers, as they share observations, feelings and aspirations about their unique lives and issues that impact us all.