Born Between

“Nature loves variety, unfortunately, society doesn’t always feel the same way.”

From the filmmakers:

"Intersex" is exactly what the term implies. An "intersex" person is a person whom through natural biological development, is born biologically between the male sex and the female sex. This is not a personal choice. It is a natural biological process. An intersex person can have variations in development that lead to lifelong difficulties and challenges. Or they can be born with minor variations that do not cause any significant difference in their overall quality of life. We will continue to tell the emotional personal stories of intersex persons that are courageous enough to share their life stories with us. There are many more personal stories of emotional, physical, and psychological suffering. But the most important focus of the film will be to explain the how and why, without sensationalizing a very personal and delicate topic for so many. We will reveal how chromosomes, hormones, chemical receptors, and physical development of gonads in the womb can sometimes lead to variations. These are all natural development variations that differ significantly from our society's dual concept of male and female. The more we study the "intersex spectrum," the more we will all understand. An understanding that could well prove to be beneficial when friends or family members are found to have been "born between."

The filmmakers are accepting stories, volunteers, and donations to advance their mission of fostering a continued respect and humanity for so many people who deserve understanding. Visit their website for more information.

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