Margaret Pepper is a transgender woman living in her 60s and Peter is a gay man in his 50s. Both live in the U.K. This film juxtaposes their stories as they live their authentic life.

Margaret's wife was hospitalized a few years ago with Alzheimer's. Since then, Margaret has embraced her life fully as woman—she surmises they would "probably get a divorce" if her wife was to return home. Margaret feels she is living a truly full life, after many years of visiting LGBT clubs under the radar and feels a new vitality in her identity. "I'm 65 [but] when I talk to my children I feel younger than them." Though her oldest daughter does not speak to her since her announcement, Margaret feels comfortable with many friends and even has a passion for art. "My life's ambition was to be a woman so I've got everything I want."

Peter came out to his family and friends as gay in his 50s, despite having children and still being married to a woman he loves. He says he has experienced "more downs than ups" since coming out as gay. Peter does not want to get divorced from his wife and says he has a "constant fear of losing my family." Peter struggles with his homosexuality being out in public but didn't feel like he could keep going on without coming out. "I wish sometimes I could pretend it never happened." Peter's son, Tim, assures Peter that they will never abandon him.

Courtesy of filmmaker Olivia Humphreys.

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