Latina Transgender Activists Fight For Acceptance in Their Communities

"Fuerza" follows Jackie, Janette, and Thalia, three transgender activists working towards acceptance and justice for their community in Orange County, California. The three women meet at The Center OC, an LGBT center in Santa Ana, where they feel safe enough to conduct meetings for Transgeneros En Accion (Transgenders In Action), an activist group for transgender latinas/os to organize.

Among TEA's goals is to stop the discriminatory arrests of transgender people without probable cause in Orange County. Thalia was in prison for a month before she was presumed innocent and released. In the film, she tells her horrific story of guards refusing to move her to a new jail cell despite reporting her cell mate raped her repeatedly.

Jackie is an activist and impersonator at The Frat House, an LGBT-friendly venue in Orange County.

Janette is the bartender at The Frat House. She says the people working at the venue are "a second family" to her because "The Frat House lets all people in." Janette expresses the difficulty of landing a job as a transgender woman. "It is hard to live in a conservative county," she says.

The three women also participate in various projects, including giving toys to children and speaking at political rallies to raise awareness about the LGBT community. They want the public to get to know them as people who only want equal rights and acceptance.

Courtesy of David Thompson.

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