LGBTQ Barber in NYC

This is a story of a black queer barber trying to realize her dream, opening a barber shop for the LGBT community in Brooklyn. Queer barber Khane Kutzwell, originally from Trinidad and Tobago, has worked as a barber for eight years. Since there are no LGBT-friendly barber shops in her area, Kutzwell wants to open one where people of all gender expressions can have a safe place to come and get a haircut. Khane and many of her clients feel they are often time judged for their appearance and style by non-LGBTQ stylists. 
While Kutzwell works overtime to save enough money to open her own barber shop, she cuts hair out of her apartment and has transformed it into a sanctuary where people can come and relax. Kutzwell plans to expand her business to include spa and nail treatments by LGBTQ practitioners. Her primary goal is to make trans individuals feel safe and welcomed in this environment. 

Directed by filmmaker Runze Yu. You may visit Kutzwell's website at

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