Nowhere To Be Found

A winner of many festival awards, "Nowhere to Be Found" focuses on Matt Smith, an openly gay young man in rural South Carolina. The film reflects on his first relationship with a man and its tragic end. This documentary examines the difficulties of being gay in rural America, the strength it takes to overcome profound trauma, and the healing power of acceptance.

"Trying to find someone in Marion, South Carolina is near impossible," Smith says. His family was not very accepting when Matt came out, and after being in the dating scene trying to meet someone he was enchanted by Josh, a man with soft blue eyes that drew him in.

After dating for some time, Matt and Josh decided to move in together and that was when everything changed. Matt found out Josh was addicted to heroin, and when Josh did not get it, he would physically and emotionally abuse Matt. After some time, Matt told Josh that he was leaving him. Josh then proceeded to shoot himself in the head. Matt later found a suicide note from a year prior, explaining that Josh was planning on killing himself, "he just didn't know when.... I felt instant guilt, I didn't deserve to live. I couldn't make anyone happy."

Matt is working through his feelings of guilt and is healing by working at an animal shelter, along with the emotional support from his mother. Matt is trying to live each day in gratitude knowing that "tomorrow isn't promised."

Directed by Alex Moratto, and produced by Ramin Bahrani and Rachel Webster. 

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