Roses Are Read

"Roses are Read" is a profile of Rose Browne, a 40-year-old slam poet living in Trenton, New Jersey.

The film explores different facets of Rose’s history, using diverse parts of her past to illustrate how she became the person she is today. The film explores Rose’s coming-out process in the British Virgin Islands, her experience trying to naturalize in the U.S., and her tenure as a successful college track runner. Rose’s story illuminates the challenges that LGBT people, people of color, and immigrants face in the United States and abroad. Narratives like Rose’s are vital in a time where Donald Trump can yell for “mass deportations” of “illegals” and garner high numbers in official polls.

Rose uses poetry as a way of coping with the hurdles she has faced throughout her life. Today, Rose tutors in the Trenton Area Soup Kitchen’s arts program. Rose is at a crossroads; she was recently injured in a car accident, which has incapacitated her, preventing her from finding a stable job. But she is able to cope because of her writing. Rose’s story is a testament to the strength of arts for emotional and physical healing.

Courtesy of Nick Kim Sexton

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