Saturday Night Bingo with Miss Rosie

Rosie Del Mar is a transgender hostess who presides over her senior housing complex's weekly Saturday night bingo night in Hollywood. She and her neighbors love the bingo night as a way to "come and let it go for the night" amidst daily stressors of life such as illness, loneliness, and growing older. Rosie brings tons of fabulous prizes, both thrifted and practical. One bingo player has outfited practically her entire apartment with prizes. Rosie was born Wayne Blohom but prefers at bingo night to be dressed as Rosie. Some of Rosie's peers had trouble accepting her as being transgender, but now she has she has no issues with others and they love her for who she is - "most of her outfits I would wear" says one resident. Rosie helps to keep others inspired, happy, and feel free to be themselves every bingo night. It appears that Rosie has won the lottery in life.

This film is directed by filmmaker Lena Nozizwe. To learn more about the film, please visit

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