Undocumented and Queer Activist Fights His Way to the American Dream

This exclusive cut of a longer format documentary that premiered at Outfest in Los Angeles in July 2016 details the life of queer immigration activist Moises Serrano.

Growing up in rural North Carolina, Serrano fell in love with a country that refused to recognize his full humanity—both as an undocumented immigrant and as a gay man. The documentary project "Forbidden" follows Serrano’s personal journey as an activist fighting for the American Dream. Serrano was a model student even securing a full-ride scholarship to attend Sarah Laurence College. However for most of his life, Serrano has had to keep his personal life private. He is gay and was afraid of what his neighbors and colleagues would say about him, or even if they could be compelled to hurt him for his sexual orientation.

Today, Serrano has made strides to be more open to the public and he is in a long-term relationship while still fighting against changing immigration policies and governmental referendums to secure citizenship, Serrano refuses to give up the fight to be equal. As debates rage on about LGBT rights, immigration, and violence toward LGBT people, Serrano stands at the forefront and wants to effect change, not only in North Carolina, but the world.

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