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'Prisoners of War' Character Profiles: Uri

Uri Zach was 23 when he was captured. Unlike NImrode, Uri is the shy and timid type. He never had big ambitions other than living a simple, happy life with his family and his beloved fiancée Nurit. Uri is gentle, serious, smart. He does not like being the center of attention and is not happy with the new attention he gets from the media, he would prefer nobody knew who he was and no one would recognize him. Throughout the series we learn that he managed to survive in captivity through a unique relationship he had with one of his captors. The first thing Uri needs to cope with is the discovery that Nurit, the love of his life, did not wait for him and is now married to his brother.

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Who Let The Dogs Out?

At the funeral of Amiel Ben Horin, everybody is there but Yael feels all alone. She see's her brother everywhere. She tries to convince him to leave her alone and let her go on with her life.

The Journal

Gadi Sukenik hosts Talia and Nimrod in a special morning broadcast, and Lia finds out that Nimrod started working for an advertising agency.  Talia takes Dana to meet Dr.Ostrovstky, a psychologist. Dana is challenging his professional ability.

A Picture from Hell

Talia and Nimrod are enjoying intimate time in their bedroom after the kids left the house. Dana's "relationship" with Dr.Ostrovsky becomes more intense. Hazav is getting ready for his pre army tests, and tells his friends he doesn’t understand why he wasn’t drafted in to the army yet.

Family Portrait

Uri and Nimrod disappear, and their families are starting to get worried. The Klien family is finding a few joyous moments, precisely when Nimrod is not there. Talia shows Nimrod the injuries she got while he had nightmares.

Awake at Night

Nimrod still suffers from nightmares, and dreams of the night he killed Amiel. He wakes up in terror and Talia tries to convince him to talk to her. Yael tries to find Ilan's home address, and decides to go there without his knowledge. Talia and Nimrod visit a support group of couples who share the same problems because one spouse was a prisoner of war.