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Prisoners of War Characters: Uri

'Prisoners of War' Character Profiles: Uri

Uri Zach was 23 when he was captured. Unlike NImrode, Uri is the shy and timid type. He never had big ambitions other than living a simple, happy life with his family and his beloved fiancée Nurit. Uri is gentle, serious, smart. He does not like being the center of attention and is not happy with the new attention he gets from the media, he would prefer nobody knew who he was and no one would recognize him. Throughout the series we learn that he managed to survive in captivity through a unique relationship he had with one of his captors. The first thing Uri needs to cope with is the discovery that Nurit, the love of his life, did not wait for him and is now married to his brother.

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First Grade

Jamal’s death and the release of the terrorist Abdullah Bin-Rashid undermine the position of Yussuf in the Children of the Jihad organization. Uri and Nimrode try to push the Ministry of Defense into figuring out where Amiel is by exposing the CD they got from Ruth Shorer at the end of season 1. Nurit leaves her home and moves into a new apartment with Uri, while Nimrode comes to a decision regarding his relationship with Talia. Yinon (Yonatan Uziel) comes to Amiel’s dog pound to adopt a dog and meets Yael Ben Horin. She seems to like him.


Talia breaks down while Nimrode is out partying. Uri and Nurit try to bridge the gap formed by the past 17 years. After meeting Yinon, and trying to put the past behind her, Yael packs up all of Amiel’s things and puts them in storage. Haim Cohen interrogates the matter of Amiel, which is full of twists and turns and involves another Mossad agent. Yussuf and Abdullah head out to handle an arms deal, which Abdullah nearly blows.

Little Lies

The past troubles Yussuf, while Abdullah tries to revive the tradition of recruiting children to be martyrs. Finally, Yussuf is put to a test of faith. Iris extracts information about the Children of the Jihad, and she and Haim Cohen continue Atar Shorer’s investigation and try to solve the mystery of the new leader of the organization. Talia tries to get Nimrode to come back home. Uri shares the horrors of captivity with Nurit, and the psychological mind games their captors tortured them with.