Watch a New Year's Day Marathon of 'Prisoners of War'

As we enter a new year with the state of democracy, our environment, and human rights weighing heavily on our minds, Link TV invites you to take a day to escape and regroup while indulging in a marathon of our thought-provoking dramatic series “Prisoners of War.” Follow the aftermath of 17 years of captivity for three Israeli soldiers as they return to families and homes they no longer know. If you’re a fan of “Homeland” and “FX series “Tyrant” (and their creator Gideon Raff), you’ll enjoy the series upon which both series were based. 

Tune in to watch every episode of Season 1 on New Year’s Day, beginning at 3pm ET/12pm PT to prepare for the premiere of Season 2 on Jan. 2.

Streaming: You can also binge watch every Season 1 episode at your own leisure, with online streaming beginning Jan. 1 through Jan. 30.

POW Key Art Homecoming

Get the popcorn ready while you check out the web extras below to prepare you for this binge-worthy series:

Preview: Gideon Raff on "Prisoners of War"


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