Kayhan K, Anusheh & Mariem H Compilation

Islam is the majority faith in 47 countries, with almost as many different cultures. This series presents spirited musicians from Iran, Western Sahara, Bangladesh, and Morocco who, whether singing, rapping or playing their instrument, bring an extraordinary voice to their art. Each artist, in his or her own unique way, breaks through tradition and stereotypes of conformity, using music as a tool for justice and peace.

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Kayhan Kalhor: Songs of Hope

Filmed in Karaj, Iran and New York City, Songs of Hope explores the life and music of Kayhan Kalhor, a master of the kamancheh, or Persian spike fiddle. The love he showed for the instrument as a child led him to the life as a prodigy who left Iran in 1981 after the 1979 Islamic Revolution so he could continue his musical studies. He is renowned as a soloist and composer and as a founder and member of several ensembles, including Yo-Yo Ma s Silk Road Ensemble, with which we see him rehearsing one of his compositions in the film.

  • 2020-07-25T21:30:00-07:00
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H-Kayne: Hip-Hop Moroccan Style

Hip-hop has only taken hold in Morocco in recent years, and it is largely thanks to H-Kayne, a group of 4 young men from the central city of Meknes who grew up listening to Biggie and Tupac, then forged their own style. It fuses western beats with some traditional Moroccan instruments and melodies, and lyrically it speaks out - often wittily - against corruption and for individual freedom.