Premieres Jan. 9 at 8:30 p.m. ET/PT.

"Resilient Cities" is an International Emmy® Award nominated arts documentary series that uncovers the underground arts scene of chaotic cities recovering from major traumas: long term war, political unrest, natural disasters or economic meltdown.

Upcoming Airdates

Athens: Art As Solace

Amid the chaos and confusion from Greece's financial meltdown, artists from all corners of Athens are gathering to protect Athenian culture through the power of their art. In this episode, four artists show how they are fighting to counteract the bleak outlook of their urban landscape: iNO, the city's only incognito graffiti artist; photographer Panagiotis Maidis; electro-pop group Kid Flicks formed by Nickos Dervisis; and film and television producer Theo Simantirakis. 

Port-Au-Prince: Art As Rebirth

In Port-au-Prince; a radio host, a photographer, a Rabòday singer and a creole rapper showcase the emerging and subversive sounds and images of Haiti in the aftermath of the devastating earthquake.

Medellin: Art As Remembrance

In Columbia’s city of Medellin, once considered the most dangerous place in the world; a rapper, a musician, a filmmaker and an urban planner take us on a tour of their city currently experiencing a cultural renaissance

Moscow: Expression in the Face of Suppression

In Moscow, a member of feminist punk rock group Pussy Riot, a performance artist, an actionist, a duo of quiet protesters/poets and a photographer disrupt the prevailing climate of repression.

Jerusalem: Artists Fighting for Their Own Truth

In Jerusalem; a choreographer, a visual artist, a rabbi-­‐dancer, a female hip-­‐hop singer and a comedy writer/performer struggle to find a place amidst the underlying tensions of an ancient city defined by separation.