Pussy Riot founder and member Masha Alekhina standing in front of Saint Basil's Cathedral in Moscow. | Resilient Cities
S1 E5: Medellin -  Art as Remembrance

Medellin: Art As Remembrance

After two decades of violence and corruption under the reign of the largest cocaine drug cartel operation in history, Medellín, Colombia awakens to the sights, sounds and colors of an urban renaissance crafted by a group of creative entrepreneurs, artists and visionary city planners defying street wars.

In this episode we follow a passionate urban planner (Daniel Carvalho), a photographer-­artist-­drummer (Vita Osorio Sanmartin), a rapper­‐turned-agroarte (Luis Fernando AKA El Aka) and a Medellin born Canadian filmmaker (Pablo Alvarez-Mesa); all who are helping to bringing peace, innovation and stability which is turn has made Medellin currently one of the safest cities in South America.

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Jerusalem: Artists Fighting for Their Own Truth

As one of the oldest cities in the world and of significance to followers of all three major religions, Jerusalem is constantly on edge. It is segregated into two distinct parts, East and West. In the streets, 18-­year-­old soldiers patrol the city with guns. Artists in both parts of the city are using art to find and fight for their own truth and bring about peace amid the regular eruptions of violence.

Lagos: Artists Provoking Debate

In Lagos, a city charged with a simmering new artistic energy, a singer/musician, a visual artist, a performance artist and a Canadian/Nigerian poet provoke political debate about controversial topics like Boko Haram’s religious fundamentalism and patriarchy.

Havana: Art from a Disconnected Island

In Havana, a dissident filmmaker, a contemporary dancer, an Afro-­‐ Cuban DJ and a Canadian Emcee/Beatmaker insist on pushing artistic boundaries on an insulated island unmoored from the rest of the world.

Manila: Creating In Spite of Fear

In Manila, a performance artist, a pole dancer, a rap battle champion, a visual artist and a painter explore the multiple facets of a city now in the grip of a new government engaged in a brutal drug war. For these artists, the future is uncertain.

Mexico City: Artists Breaking Apathy

In Mexico City, a graphic artist, a sculptor, a group of naked performance artists and a photographer disrupt the apathy of Mexicans towards femicide and their country’s rampant violence.