Resilient Cities
S3 E1: Mexico City - Artists Breaking Apathy

Mexico City: Artists Breaking Apathy

Mexico City, a massive, sprawling metropolis and home to over 21 million inhabitants, is the capital of a country that has become notorious for drug-­‐related violence. The ‘drug war’ as it is widely known, officially launched in 2006, had initially the support of communities who were tired of gun battles, execution-­style murders and police corruption.

However, it has since spiraled into one of the world’s deadliest conflict after the Syrian war, with 200 000 people murdered since 2007, hundreds of thousands of people displaced by violence, a notable rise in human rights abuse, femicide and violence against women. So widespread and brutal is the violence that it has become almost commonplace, paralyzing the inhabitants of Mexico City into apathy. But a major turning point came about after the disappearance and killing of 43 trainee students. The city’s artists decided that enough was enough; it was time to break the climate of helplessness.

In this episode, we follow Canadian photographer François Pesant and three Mexico City artists: Andrea Narno, a graphic artist who is part of a women’s art collective, plastering her message on the walls of the city’s streets; Edgar Olguin and Sara Juarez, a group of performance artists denouncing femicide and violence against women; and Alfredo Libre Gutierrez, a sculptor whose oversized installations address the struggles of South American migrants.

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