Resilient Cities
S3 E6: Warsaw - Art Fighting Ultranationalism

Warsaw: Art Fighting Ultranationalism

Since the democratic election of the Law and Justice Party in 2015, Poland is divided between liberals and ultra-­conservatives. The country is moving away from the orbit of Western Europe and returning to a past defined by family, church and home.

In some instances, it is also moving towards a future that echoes elements of its dark history. Antisemitism on the rise and a wave of ultranationalism is sweeping the country.

In response, artists in Warsaw are confronting the tide of right-­wing nationalism, forcing the city’s residents to look in the mirror at this precarious period in time. In this episode, we encounter Maria Peszek, a singer­songwriter whose lyrics are sexually liberated and anti-religious; Liliana Piskorska, a performance artist using her body to challenge society’s discrimination of LGBTQ communities; and Michael Rubenfeld, a Polish-Canadian theatre artist; in their unique ways, these artists are battling the aggressive nationalism that threatens to take over their city.

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